Improving literacy in communities is a proven cause of decreasing hardship while boosting health and well-being. Our literacy programs aim to bring families and communities closer together with books and complimentary activities.

Books to Belly
Workshops for parents and caregivers of children aged 5 to 12. The sessions consist of storytelling and hands-on cooking activities for the whole family. Easy and interactive, the program models different ways to practice literacy skills in daily life while fostering positive relationships between families and local schools. Learn more.

Volunteer Reading Program
An intergenerational activity at its very heart, this program matches seniors with elementary school classes for weekly reading sessions, with books provided by CASE. Teachers have reported improved literacy levels as a direct result of the program. Our first participating school, Mauricie English Elementary in Trois-Rivières, welcomed two volunteers into two Grade 1 classrooms.

Computer Literacy for Seniors
Senior’s Plugged in! is a series of workshops where secondary students at Three Rivers Academy in Trois-Rivières help older adults navigate technology questions and quandaries.

Check out our calendar for upcoming literacy activities.